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Apparent Loudness, Apparently

Charlie sat Grandpa Steve down for a heart-to-heart about his frozen custard consumption. Dag challenged himself to listen to albums he missed. Dick Clark once conducted an uncomfortable Prince interview. The PGA Tour and LIV Golf announce a big merger.

About This Episode

Dag hasn’t seen Hoop Dreams, but he owns the deluxe edition DVD from The Criterion Collection. Brendan resisted giving him any spoilers about the iconic documentary. Charlie Dahl has a frank discussion with Grandpa Steve, and turns him on to a new way to enjoy frozen custard that’s better "for his body". Speaking of new things, with a simple twist of the wrist, Brendan and Steve are enjoying their Roast 2 Order Coffee in a way that’s better suited for southpaws. Will Brendan’s hot dog walks continue through the summer? Will Dag continue to listen to classic debut albums he’s never heard before? Enjoy this Talk To Me Tuesday Dahlcast, where we go through our complete bank of phone calls. Next week, it could be your turn 708-NOW-I-WAV.

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