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Steve and Janet gifted Mike a whiskey decanter on his 40th birthday. Steve relinquished a bottle of deck cleaner. A Nashville weekend led Dag on adventures aboard planes, trains and automobiles. Tom Thayer and Dag swap visions of theoretical hairstyles.

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The family celebrated Mike Dahl’s birthday over the weekend, and it was a big one. Mike’s now 40, and Steve’s grappling with that number. Dag had fun in Nashville with Poi Dog Pondering, despite some last minute problems as he set out for O’Hare. Speaking of O’Hare, has Brian Urlacher ever tried to recruit Tom Thayer for a hair restoration? Both Tom and Dag have (mostly) accepted their fate as chrome domes. Are the Chicago Bears considering yet another location for their proposed new stadium? Steve and Judy were forced to seek shelter during their recent round of golf.

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