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Back In The U.S.S.A.

Tami Sagher returns from England for a lackluster reunion with her doggy, Mabel. The Women Stuck in the Mud empire endures. The Angola Prison Rodeo was cancelled this year for health and safety reasons. Steve is pretty sure he understands cow lactation.

About This Episode

Today we welcome our friend/fan (or “fran”) Tami Sagher, who’s back from a pandemic-long writing gig in London. She missed her dog Mabel terribly and even went so far to arrange a two-camera shoot for their emotional reunion. Listen for the details, as only Tami can tell them. We also discover an incredibly entertaining event whose existence was heretofore a mystery to us. We’re talking of course of the Angola Prison Rodeo. Though it did not take place this year, we’re already planning a road trip (hoping our car doesn’t get stuck in the mud) for next year. Until then, we’ll figure out who gets to milk the wild cow, capture the chit, or sit at a table while an angry bull charges full speed. Happy Friday!

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