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Cruising Wrigleyville Brendan

Steve upgraded to Jumbo Vienna Beef hot dogs, perfectly charred. Tom Thayer was mistaken for Jim McMahon at a fundraiser for Steve McMichael in Romeoville. Rod Blagojevich made an appearance. Tom hung out with Ric Flair and found him to be a great dude

About This Episode

We hit the ground running on this Monday DahlCast, and immediately there are questions: Is it a practice or is it a rehearsal? And are you using the Roman calendar or the Gregorian calendar? We check in with Tom Thayer, who attended a fundraiser for Steve McMichael over the weekend, where he was mistaken for Jim McMahon. Steve has a long-running annoyance with an old Sprint/T-Mobile account. Brendan receives a compliment in Wrigleyville while sporting some flattering golf shorts. The weekend pool party at the Dahl House was a swimming (and grilling) success!

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