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Ball Drop

Steve is weary of TikTok, due to the selfie modes and repetitive dance routines. Joe Gaspar fondly recalls dancers from gentlemen’s club Grin and Bare It appearing on Steve and Garry’s radio show. Steve played a self-scramble with fluorescent golf balls.

About This Episode

The technical issues that have plagued the show’s posting over the last couple of days seem to have been sorted. Steve’s feeling a profound sense of relief, as well as gratitude for the patience of our subscribers. He’s on to other things now, such as his fast fading interest in TikTok. There are some memories of the famous Steve & Garry New Years Eve special (hold on tight), as well as some sightseeing plans for the upcoming Florida Slimeball trip. And interesting concepts continue to arrive as we ponder the proposed golf outing. Heat up the grits, fire up some Al Green, and dunk your junk in warm water and enjoy today’s DahlCast!

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