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Big V’s BBQ

Big V is back to Bear Down on the season premiere of Virginia Monologues! El Dago proves quick like El Mago. Steve dreams of writing for Kenny Chesney. Dag is constantly refilling the ice tray. When he was 5 years old, he misunderstood how ice was made.

About This Episode

Dag is happy to celebrate the long and varied career of Elvis Costello, but Kenny Chesney wears an outfit in a video that makes him a little uncomfortable. Are country songs about sobriety Steve’s way back into the music game? Or is he considering making big bucks in Vegas by playing War? Brendan takes delivery on a new travel mug to make his dog walks a little less sloppy. If your marriage doesn’t make it to five years, Steve is going to need a prorated amount of his wedding gift back. Some thoughts on saving our ecology, one coffee pod or water bottle at a time.

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