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Billy Bobs Over Broadway

Steve discovers a website for JoJo Cookin’ Kincaid and it includes previously unheard audio gems. Dag bumped into subscriber Tim and his doodle, Seamus. Janet reveals that Steve hides his pants in the bedroom closet. Also: wicked fun with Broadway puns.

About This Episode

It’s been a long time since we’ve played some of our favorite moments from JoJo Cookin’ Kincaid, and today we have the thrill of hearing some new (to us) bits. Will Steve track him down and make a DJ connection? Speaking of radio, would Steve make a good professor of radio studies? Inspired by a new musical called Shucked, we search for the perfect Broadway-themed pun. After receiving some questionable treatment by its owner, Steve exacted his revenge on a local gym by joining and never showing up. In an effort to save the planet by doing less laundry, Steve hides his stretched out pants from Janet.

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