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Birthday Brothers 2020

Happy birthday, Stever! He’s 66 years old. Joe Walsh joins the Dahlcast for another shared celebration of born days. Joe bounces fresh song lyrics off the guys to get their opinions. Janet offered to make Steve’s favorite birthday meal, beef stroganoff.

It’s a star-studded DahlCast today, but first things first: it’s Steve’s birthday! He finds himself wondering when he should start collecting Social Security, and whether or not his generation of fellow Boomers will leave anything in the coffers for Brendan’s golden years. Steve’s also wondering if a beef stroganoff will appear for dinner, but he’s mainly worried about the snacking aftermath. Not only do we hear from Virginia (in rare form) but Steve gets his yearly birthday call from the great Joe Walsh. Joe’s new radio show is fantastic, and he’s enthused to talk about it with us. He’s maneuvering through lockdown as best as he can (he’s itching to get out and play music), but fortunately, there will be some good tunes coming out of his hit factory soon. In fact, he shared some timely lyrics with us today, and it looks like it’s shaping up to be another Joe Walsh classic! It’s always good to hear from The Bomber, and hear these two old pals trade birthday wishes.

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