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Brendan the Redeemer

Joe finds a classic Steve and Garry video featuring Janet. Brussels sprouts from an air fryer rocked Steve’s taste buds. Grant Park softball leagues are miffed at schedule disruptions. Oatmeal leads to a microwave miracle. A gator killed an 85-year-old

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There are some workers on Steve and Janet’s roof testing out its strength for future hurricanes, and it sounds like they’re good to go if the winds are at the level of a leaf blower. It’s Ash Wednesday and Brendan is struggling with his diet for the day; his day began with the unfortunate accidental microwaving of a spoon. On another day he might have used vulgarity to express his disappointment, but today he considers it a miracle that no one was hurt. Chicago’s upcoming NASCAR race is displacing a whole lot of softball players. And there’s tragedy and heroism in Florida during a fateful dog walk.

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