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Steve’s pool performance is getting a lot of good buzz around the neighborhood. The Dahls have a busy social calendar. Janet got her fill of deviled eggs at a cocktail party. Could tonight be the night, 45 years in the making, Steve cooks fried chicken?

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Steve’s cable woes continued through the weekend and he had to issue some friendly reminders about digging/not digging to the landscapers. Despite this ongoing hassle, Steve and Janet went to yet another cocktail party, where curiosity about Steve’s podcast (his poolside recording session was the talk of the neighborhood) has not only increased the awareness of the show, but also placed them at the center of the social circle. Janet ate the best deviled eggs she’s ever had and is aiming to acquire the recipe and bring them back into her life. Will Steve at long last make the fried chicken he’s been threatening to make for over 40 years?

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