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Brendan’s In The House

Brendan mourns his good friend, and does the show at Steve’s house. Steve’s plan to have Brendan in another room wasn’t successful. Tom Thayer recalls some moments in Bears practice history, including Mike Ditka’s Popemobile. Dag sends Kai on a journey.

About This Episode

It’s been a wet weekend in Chicagoland, but conditions and humor are both dry in Steve’s basement. Brendan and Steve do the show together in the same room (despite Steve’s attempts to wire Brendan in from the craft room), just like the old days. Brendan’s mourning the loss of a good friend, and the laughter helps. Tom Thayer joins us, with some USFL memories, including some theories on the downfall of that league. Brendan was in the city during the weekend tornado watch. Steve voice acts an exciting moment in Chicago Cubs history. Dag sends his son Kai off on a road trip out west.

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