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Something Blue and Orange

Samantha Sklar is at the Dahl house to play a starring role in a very special podcast play. Sam bought two praying mantises online, but one has since gone missing from the garden. Steve and Sam try peacherines. Brendan will travel for a chicken burrito.

About This Episode

The Dahlmark Players appear for a special summer spectacular. It’s a Brendan Greeley Worldwide Media Production, called Hillary and Mitch Get Hitched, with our guests Sam Sklar and Buzz Kilman. Steve and Sam sample the Peacharines that Brendan brought over, and while they enjoy them, they aren’t quite sure of what they’re eating. Would you take a Metra train 85 blocks south to get a chicken burrito... even if you had someplace else to be? Also, from where do you buy your silkworms and praying mantises? We’ve got a hot online tip for you, as well as a tip on weapons of assassination from Buzz.

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