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Brendan’s Saucy Blob

It’s never comforting to find a blob in a condiment, be it hot sauce or syrup. Steve curses the charlatan who ruined Wendy’s chili for him. The Western Springs police chief is leaving for Buffalo Grove. Janet wonders if being miserable is Steve’s hobby.

About This Episode

Steve wanted to watch a scary movie and chose Killer Clowns From Outer Space. Is there news regarding the Mike Dahl family’s search for a new home? Speaking of homes, Brookfield Zoo was the second home to a beloved red panda that died suddenly and mysteriously. And speaking of mysteries, what was that weird thing in Brendan’s hot sauce? We entertain a number of theories. Janet returns from a farewell coffee and cake session to answer subscriber emails. Also: do you eat fried chicken while you shop, and who is throwing out all the condiment packets?

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