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Brown Eyed Girl?

Childhood Steve used to put bees in his BB gun. Van Morrison unmasks a new anti-lockdown song. Palm oil products are hurting orangutan habitats. The orange juice investigation continues, as more witnesses take the stand. Steve’s browser is feeling full.

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When it’s all been said and done, will you be playing a harp or stoking a fire? The suspense is killing us. Steve’s morning routine includes planking, a possible orange juice/sugar water combination, and a Jimi Hendrix ear worm. Van Morrison recently dropped a gospel-influenced toe tapper that’s a lockdown takedown. Speaking of Van the Man, Steve clears up a misunderstood lyric from Brown Eyed Girl. Are well-meaning vegans playing a role in the decimation of orangutan/g habitats, as well as the animals themselves? Put *that* in your overpriced sticky bun and chew on it for a while. Have you ever shot a BB gun in the house? Steve has. Also, Steve learns history from a child on the internet.

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