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Hard To Swallow

The Bears offense let us all down on Monday night. Tom has placed his pickup order from Thayer Brothers Deli in Joliet. Mancow is done at WLS. Dag still holds romantic feelings for radio. Cinnaholic Vegan Bakery is opening a new location in Wicker Park.

About This Episode

The Bears continue to be the biggest heartbreakers in town, and it’s tough for Tom to find a silver lining. Is it comforting news to learn that Nick Foles’ injury was not as bad as initially thought? Was his recent purchase of a house in Glencoe a good idea? Steve finds it difficult to offer advice to young hopefuls looking to start a career in radio (that includes Dag), what with radio continuing to confirm its death and all. A better investment seems to be becoming a franchise owner of a vegan cinnamon bun store, as seen on Shark Tank. Brendan contemplates a treacherous journey to the Wicker Park outlet for some gluten free decadence...or does he?

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