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Burnt Weeny Sandwich

Steve charred jumbo Vienna Beef dogs. Dag frets over a calendar mishap. Tom Thayer noticed helicopters hovering over Joliet. Tom’s spicy coleslaw would be too hot for Flowermouth. Steve split a burger while Matt played live music at Elmhurst Brewing Co.

About This Episode

Brendan finds himself up against a wall... a giant paywall from Netflix. Steve hosts the family for a holiday pool party and twice forgets that he left some jumbo dogs on the grill and they ended up a bit charred as a result. Other than that, he was an ideal husband over the weekend. Helicopters were hovering over Joliet this morning, and Tom Thayer was wondering what was going on. We’re all wondering what’s going on with the Chicago Bears in Arlington Heights. Dag makes a travel mistake and hopes to regain favor from his family for doing so. It’s a Talk To Me Tuesday, even though it feels like a Monday.

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