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Sometimes the Bear Eats You

The Western Springs police blotter includes the theft of unlocked bicycles. Joe saw a cyclist riding with the Walmart packaging still on her bike. Brendan hit the batting cages at Sluggers. Steve conducts a shampoo survey at the risk of leaving Dag out.

About This Episode

What’s happening in Western Springs? Bike thievery is up, and people are falling for gift card scams via text. Let’s focus, people! Undeterred by a 0-4 start to the season, Brendan leads his softball team to victory after being moved to first in the batting order, and pitching a complete game. This could be the turning point in a championship season. Steve is being overrun by squirrels; should he embrace the situation and start a squirrel sanctuary? Shampoo methods are discussed by 3/4 of the panel, with Dag voting “present”. Steve has to lay down the hot tub law to the grandkids. Jay Cutler goes Bear hunting.

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