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Mike and Kathryn made Tom Thayer’s Italian Beef. Lord Chamberlain broke his wand over Queen Elizabeth’s casket. Steve got his landlord on when he learned a California tenant didn’t have a working stove. Lavender-scented dog poop bags offend some noses.

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With all its different spellings, how do we pronounce the condiment generally referred to as pep(p)eroncini? The late Queen of England continues to be buried, and today we learn that the breaking of a wand is an important part of the ceremony. Steve qualifies for Landlord of The Year for replacing a broken stove for a tenant, shortly after a rent increase. Brendan has had good luck with his landlords over the years. It’s a voicemail-bank-clearing Talk To Me Tuesday as we plow through all the calls, including some pre-Sodcast messages.

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