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Cargo Shorts Are Not Cool, Steve!

Steve wants to sell secondhand gear. Rest in peace Bob Rohrman. The auto czar created a legacy in Chicago, Indianapolis and Lafayette. Steve wasn’t invited to Rohrman’s 2002 wedding on Kauai. Keith clarifies details regarding Steve & Eric’s golf outing.

About This Episode

We pay tribute to the late great Bob Rohrman and learn more about his private life in the process. We try and figure out Mailchimp’s uncanny ability to send email at the exact right time. Does Dag have perfect pitch or is he just lucky? Brendan needs a lockdown hobby and seems open to picking out his guitar of choice from Steve’s personal collection. Keith Sklar texts with some great memories and clarifications from last week’s superstar golf outing. Cargo shorts are out, but with all their storage space for condiments, they’re a lifeline to help each eating experience more enjoyable for Steve. What will you pick up next time you’re at Al Green’s Pharmacy?

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