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Tom Thayer’s Burnt Chicken

Steve’s cashing in big time on the royalty check front. Number 57 has an issue with some burnt chicken. There’s plenty of Chicago sports talk, and more inside the 1985 Bears from Tom. Steve covets Dag’s legumes. There’s a great new show open too. Enjoy!

It was a $00.64 royalty check (not $64.00) that led Steve straight into the strong, protective arms of CBS 2’s Dave Savini. How do you eat corn on the cob? Tom Thayer joins us to talk about a chicken meal gone wrong. It might have been the 500-degree oven! We also talk quarterbacks, Ditka, White Sox love and more. Steve, the grey-haired wizard, is jealous of Dag’s nuts. Brendan kills a silk plant and Steve has reached a new low. Speaking of new, there’s a new show open.

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