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Steve pre-screened calls to ensure they remain relevant. Brendan hit a street fest on Hubbard and Expo ’76 will play Goose Island 312unes this Thursday. Dag’s Upper Peninsula sauna hit a toasty 220 degrees. New Jersey renames a rest area after Bon Jovi.

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It’s a Talk To Me Tuesday, and a productively wired Steve has finally figured out the phone banks at the Slimeball switchboard. Ron Lewis calls in with a zinger! Dag is getting ready for a Thursday gig with Expo’76, and Brendan was almost approached at a recent street festival. We recall ye olde tyme music, such as Steppenwolf, as well as The Sparrows. And speaking of music, Jon Bon Jovi is having a New Jersey rest area named after him and he couldn’t be more proud.

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