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Steve’s submarine sandwich order was incorrect. Dag shopped at IKEA and heard part of Rihanna’s halftime show. Tom Thayer doesn’t ascribe to the slippery field Super Bowl narrative. He concludes it’s a cleat issue. Steve ate steak with Dr. Keith Sklar.

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We come out of the gate looking towards the skies for hovering spy objects on this Monday morning. Happy Day After Super Bowl, everyone. We check in with Tom Thayer on his first official day of the off season, and he lets us know that he had to remind Steve that the game was on. We offer our thoughts on the game and a few of the commercials, and Steve makes a daring prediction about the Bears. How did he eat at a steakhouse and still lose weight? And what did he bring home for Janet? Dag spent Super Bowl Sunday on the road, while Brendan partied down with some Chiefs fans in his neighborhood.

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