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Rosie has diarrhea. WINK News reports on a public nudity gray area. Steve fell out of bed and got wedged between the nightstand and the bed. Brendan submitted a query for a WBEZ Chicago mayoral forum. A scam hurt the credibility of a Hot Hits station.

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Poor Rosie is having some stomach difficulty. Steve on the other hand is having some staying in bed difficulty. He recently fell out out bed (we only just found out about it), pausing briefly to smack his chin on the nightstand. The photo is quite alarming. Brendan got a question in on a recent Chicago mayoral forum, and it’s concerning a topic that’s near and dear to his heart, not to mention his right foot. There’s bourbon trouble in Oregon, and there’s a social media/radio scam afoot in Spokane. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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