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Chili Today, Hot Tamale

Steve’s discovered a YouTube channel that delights his A/V sensibilities. Intense heat will hit the Midwest. Shoddy and Steve had a cup of chili before golfing. The White Sox cleaned house, firing Ken Williams and Rick Hahn. Rosie is off to the groomer.

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Steve braved the heat yesterday to golf with his friend Shoddy, who inspired Steve to order a cup of chili. It set back their start time, and caused some friction, on the links. Guns ’N Roses are performing at Wrigley Field tomorrow night, and Brendan’s trying to figure out what to wear. Is it time to dust off the sleeveless Duff Beer t-shirt? Steve is obsessed with a YouTube channel about sound recording and microphones. Dag ate a Stan’s donut for breakfast while reading Warren Zanes’ excellent book on Tom Petty. Rosie is going to the groomer; is Steve going to the tailor?

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