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Clean Out Day

Weber’s Head Grill Master Kevin Kolman dishes out turkey grilling tips ahead of Thanksgiving. Kevin uses a traditional White Castle stuffing. Steve buys books, but rarely reads. He’s got an autographed Jerry Lewis autobiography he wants to sell on eBay.

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Today we talk turkey (and brisket, and smoking, and possibly ostrich) with Kevin Kolman, grilling guru from Weber. He’s the man with all the answers and he lets us pick his brain with our grill questions. Steve likes books, but he demands a page-turner, as well as the option to bail once he’s gotten the gist of the book. He recently discovered that he’s got a signed Jerry Lewis book, but he’s not sure how he got it. It’s hard times for Guitar Center, despite Dag’s efforts to keep them in business. Thanksgiving is upon us, and Steve is prepping some famous radio selections, including a pair of decidedly different visits from Larry Lujack. Speaking of prepping, he’s also getting ready for his colonoscopy on Wednesday.

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