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Cookies and Water

Steve prefers to wash down cookies with water. HGTV-style renovations are conceived for the Dahl home. Freshly poured concrete was desecrated in Western Springs. A cyclist encountered a zebra in the Santa Ynez Mountains along California’s Central Coast.

About This Episode

Both Steve and Rosie are facing some upcoming limb surgery, but it looks like Steve’s going to need to be the first in line for any procedures. Brendan and Dag propose a first floor living scenario for Steve and Janet, but Janet would rather move. As a child, Steve used to wash down his cookies with water, not milk. There’s a runaway zebra in the mountains of California, and a local bicyclist finds himself cornered by the striped beast. Is throwing a hotdog a felony in Florida? Is it impolite to ask for more sauce on a pan pizza?

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