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Couch Farts

Janet shares her road trip perspective. Steve absorbs social media advice and reads choice comments under his latest post. Brendan might be overly concerned about couch sustainability. Janet warns about foul smells that can haunt hand-me-down furniture.

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As suspected, the online photos from yesterday’s podcast open up some discussions, and there’s a a curious, wide-ranging post from a non-subscriber that really has us scratching our heads. Brendan Greeley: The Genius of 1980s Couches. He’s on the hunt for a new couch, and Janet, Dag, and Steve are really encouraging him to purchase something new. It’s an Ask Janet Thursday, and her visit today finally reveals some details about the drive back from Florida. Steve’s wonky knee has rendered him somewhat helpless. Is Janet on the lookout for a hot male nurse for him?

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