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Crocodile Rockin’

Is Steve a dweeb or a twerp? Hang poolside to find out. Steve mistakenly believed Jose Feliciano had passed away. He’s alive and well. Exotic animals might face more restrictions in Florida. An Elton John impersonator put on a show in Steve’s community.

About This Episode

Steve needs a square nut for his bedroom podcast table, but he’s wondering if it was stuck in the Suez Canal. He’s able to do the show without it, and that’s not just some sort of left-handed compliment. An Elton John tribute show has recently brought its Crocodile Rock down to alligator country. There’s trouble for Floridiots who are breeding non-indigenous species, but it might be too late to undo any damage they’ve done. Is it legal to barbecue in the driveway where Steve and Janet live? Regardless, it’s not a great look.

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