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Steve Ruins April 1st

Steve threw a wrench into Dag’s April Fools’ Day prank. A closet setback led into Steve yelling at Janet. Dag played guitar outside in 30 degree weather. Young bro Charlie Dahl took a bruising L during a game of Sorry! It was Steve’s first time playing.

About This Episode

Dag’s loving April Fool’s Day joke fails to land with the intended impact after Steve ruins the surprise. At least his ability to alienate his co-workers is still intact. There’s also an unfortunate situation in the bedroom closet, where some cut corners in the condo construction are revealed. Speaking of revealing, we learn much more about the unfortunately named Hogfish, mainly that it’s not the bottom-feeder we thought it was. Some frank discussion about Nomadland with Janet. Actually, Janet answers some special questions from a trio of houseguests.

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