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Crying Showers

Janet is feeling blue with the grandkids gone. Epsom salts and crying showers ensue. Steve was interviewed by Felipe Rose of the Village People. Dag’s sleep struggles continue. Steve mentors Brendan in advance of his virgin first class plane experience.

About This Episode

The boys and their families have all been and gone, leaving a treasure trove of memories, all of them of equal importance. Now it’s just Steve, Janet, and a soon-to-be-coiffed Rosie. What’ll make Janet feel better: a fresh pie or a crying shower? Steve had an enjoyable time talking with an OG member of the Village People, Felipe Rose. Brendan looks forward to his maiden flight in the first class section as he and Lavs prep for a secret mission to the west coast. Is Steve taking over for Chip? Dag’s sleep problems continue, but he did manage a weird dream where he was forced to join the mafia. It’s a Talk To Me Tuesday and the Donovan fans are showing their support.

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