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teve’s stage banter during an emcee gig at a neighborhood fest seemed unheard. Rosie refuses to sleep in the bed when Janet is away. Steve has a recurring dream in which he can’t find any records at a radio station. DaBaby and Matt Damon self-destruct.

About This Episode

It’s a Talk To Me Tuesday, and Steve gets an answer about his recent gasoline purchase from a subscriber. Dag is finally hooked up correctly after a late night IT session with a very patient and helpful representative from Slimeball Industries named Steve. The story of the Toxic Crayon emcee gig is told, and it’s not without a bit of heartbreak (spoiler alert). It leads to showbiz failure stories from Brendan and Dag (we’ve all been there). Jay Leno loved being on Steve and Garry’s old show, but was indifferent towards Steve when he went to say hello at NBC. Modern woke-ness hits Matt Damon and Da Baby.

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