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Steve is golfing with Dr. Keith Sklar and Eric Ferguson this afternoon. We learn about the history of Steve’s golf club. Steve still hasn’t washed his beloved Dodgers cap. Pitchman Ron Popeil died. Steve is enraptured by the book he’s currently reading.

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Steve clarifies his position on heaven and the afterlife. He’s got lots of time to think about the mysteries of life and work on his relationship with Rosie, as Janet is spending some time in Detroit. He shares a story about an assault in the name of righteousness. Brendan’s posting some good numbers and batting cleanup while his softball team is gearing up for the playoffs. Does every team in his league qualify for the playoffs? Yes, but that’s not important. And those Cubs trades are still bumming him out. How do you lift up an entire town? How much were dues at Steve’s country club when it was founded? All this and more on today’s DahlCast.

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