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Steve and a portion of the family got trapped in the elevator for fifteen minutes. Janet and Mike came to the rescue. A boatload of peanuts were consumed aboard a sunset cruise. Brendan got bullied on TikTok. An intruder showered at Johnny Depp’s house.

About This Episode

Steve, Janet and the family take a sunset cruise but there’s an unsettling pair of peanut people hogging the large table. Fortunately, it works out and Happy Days (and nights) are here again. The condo elevator experiences difficulty during a packed ride, and so it’s Janet and Mike Dahl to the rescue. Brendan gets bullied by a 15-year-old on TikTok, and he spends a few wounded days working through his emotions. Steve’s interest in TikTok is renewed by a subscriber who calls in (Talk To Me Tuesday) with a very good suggestion. Both Steve and Johnny Depp are surprised by intruders; Steve handles his situation with a broom and a box. Grandson James (Jimmy) Dahl makes his first appearance on the podcast.

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