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Dead Aim Dick

Dag leans on Farm & Fleet as he deals with a dead car battery. Everyone watched the inauguration and appreciated Garth Brooks’ performance. Steve and Janet are preparing for a road trip. She feels Steve makes too many pit stops. Rosie has a new blanket.

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Dag wakes up to car trouble, but the hard-working team of AAA, Kai, and Farm & Fleet take care of it, leaving him to flounce lazily about in his robe and pajamas. We analyze Garth Brooks’ inauguration performance, as well as “funny” insurance commercials. Janet joins us to answer your email and talk about the prep work for her and Steve’s upcoming Florida road trip. She’s got the facts on Steve’s pee breaks, too, and the number and frequency of them will astound you. Other podcasts annoy Steve, if you can imagine that. Also, the butter vs. margarine debate continues.

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