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Depressed Apprehension

Steve listened to Todd Rundgren and Ringo Starr music all morning. He used to go to the RCA building to hear brand new artists. Burton Cummings had a phone in his briefcase. Is it time to switch back to Mitch Trubisky? Tom Thayer fields Bears questions.

About This Episode

Steve’s natural disc jockey inclination to make every Tuesday a Two-Fer Tuesday leads him through an early morning rock rabbit hole, featuring guess who? Also, he recalls his early pre-radio days as a radio imposter. Tom Thayer, still aching from years of actual football games, and still reeling from Sunday’s loss, introduces us to the phrase “depressed apprehension”. Is it time to go back to Mitch, or create a hybrid QB role? Steve recalls being pantsed and abandoned on his first day of first grade, and wonders why no one came looking for him. Curse you, pizza, for being so essential and delicious, but also being so damn caloric!

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