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Oblivion Express

A clerk at a fancy grocery store wasn’t buying Steve’s ciabatta claim. Dag “Air” Juhlin took advantage of the weather, getting outside to shoot hoops. Steve selects his Reddit handle. Auger is a good Chicago accent word. Johnny Depp is back in the news.

About This Episode

Welcome to your safe space! On today’s show we get help from an assortment of contributors, including a Russian sausage oligarch and crossbow target, Anthony (who serves as a tremendous guide to the Chicago accent) and a certain Mr. Depp, who’s getting a little tired of having his personal business, not to mention his prodigious money loss, dragged out into the public forum yet again. Steve offers him some advice. Also, Brendan inherits a coveted baseball card from a South Side cousin who briefly experimented with being a Cubs fan. We examine Steve’s movie career, while he contemplates a possible birthday meal.

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