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Dialing for Dahlers

Roy Wood Jr. showed a photograph of Steve on The Daily Show. Janet is still sleeping on the couch for her own COVID safety. Could there be a Chicago suburb version of Real Housewives? Dag spent a drizzly day at a charming library in the Upper Peninsula.

About This Episode

It looks like the “Real Housewives” franchise has its sights set on Chicago’s North Shore. We might tune in, just to see who’s had work done. Dag had a productive trip to the Marquette Library, and was possibly recognized on the beach at Lake Superior. Brendan wants to know where doggie bags came from, and we’re not sure if the answer is Wisconsin or Los Angeles. Steve has accrued millions of airline miles after years of timeshare payments. Dag still has no clue how a timeshare works, though, but doesn’t seem to care. We clear the phone banks on a Talk To Me Tuesday, freeing up all sorts of space for YOUR calls!

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