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Library Voices, Please

Dag connects from the Peter Brown Public Library in Marquette, Michigan. Brendan couldn’t locate his dinner. Joe’s neighbor deals with squirrel chew. Cycle Smithy, former employer of Joe and Matt, is closing. Dag is worried about biking down a mountain.

About This Episode

After a vicious overnight storm in Negaunee knocked out the family internet, Dag is doing the podcast from the Heritage Room in Peter Brown Public Library in Marquette. Brendan has a user error experience while placing a food order through an app. An historic and somewhat eccentric bike shop in Lincoln Park is closing, one where both Joe and Matt Dahl worked. Speaking of bikes, Dag and family have booked an upcoming day of mountain biking (mountain biking in its truest form), as they’ll be riding up Marquette Mountain on a chairlift, then holding on for dear life as they head down on mountain bikes. Should they be put off by names such as Scary Trail?

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