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Divorce or Pool Party?

The slicing and dicing of an internet cable and a spicy marital spat make a partially poolside show memorable! Steve awoke with an empty belly after a cocktail party. Steve ultimately apologized for spouting foul language before his feet hit the ground.

About This Episode

Technical difficulties make today’s hybrid show a unique one. While Steve and Janet work through a morning dust up on the air, some clueless landscapers dig through the fiber optic cables outside of the house, sending the show into immediate hiatus. After a patient phone call with the cable company, Steve relocates the podcast studio to the pool, where there’s a wifi connection. Janet joins us as well. Among the topics we cover today are: arriving empty handed to a cocktail party, college basketball, and a possible date night at CarMax. Join us for this very special indoor/outdoor edition of The Steve Dahl Podcast.

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