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Ride the Fiber

A tech patched up Steve’s severed fiber. Courtesy Patrol rocked Friendly Tap. Pat Dahl, in Florida for the Daytona 500, offered to meet his parents halfway for breakfast. David Hochberg’s Vest-a-Thon is this weekend. Steve might rent a mechanical shark.

About This Episode

Yesterday was a day of trying to fix the fiber optic cable situation, and Steve sprung into action as if his livelihood depended on it. He’s got a repair scheduled, and is hopeful that he can get a cutter and a splicer together on the same trip. Janet began purchasing her Easter candy assortment on a recent trip to the wrong Walgreens. Dag unearths a piece of vintage music that’s filled with cheery double entendres. There’s been an assault in Minnesota, with a chicken. David Hochberg chats with us about this weekend’s Vest-a-thon, raising funds to purchase protective vests for Chicago police officers.

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