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Don’t Be Sheepish

We peek at the menu for Steve and Janet’s special anniversary dinner. Steve can’t read in bed, he prefers natural sunlight on his pages. Spunky Dunkers’ secret menu features a donut wall rental. Steve rocks out intros in this week’s display of The Gift.

About This Episode

We learn The Macho Man’s prophetic final words, before we welcome the return of The Gift. Steve recounts some amazing stories from his Bakersfield radio days, where he received all sorts of unseemly offers. He's never felt the same way about lamb chops since. Steve and Janet go over the menu for their 44th anniversary dinner, and it looks like Janet may get the crunch that’s been withheld for a few years. It must be hell to live in a cruchless marriage. Somehow she has not only survived, but flourished.

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