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Don’t Harsh My Marshmallow

Steve experiences rejection when he auditions to replace an iconic character. Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra wandered in a marshmallow world each winter. The R2O coffee flows freely from the Dahl pot. A communal wood-fired pizzeria is coming to LaGrange.

About This Episode

Thanks to the swinging charm of Dean and Frank and their large families, we wander through a seasonal Marshmallow World. Steve keeps auditioning and trying new impersonations to replace Buzz as Virginia, but he faces some of the realities of showbiz in an effort to get cast. ERMERGERD, would you enjoy a stranger taking food off your plate in a communal pizza restaurant? Steve is surprised to learn that Christmas is only one week away. Come on, Man! This is why he's never put in charge of the Feast of Stephen. That, and the spelling.

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