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Dude, Where’s My Sticks?

Snowfall and mudslides recently took Southern California by surprise. Steve left golf clubs in his totaled, towed car. Janet’s chilled 2 liters of tonic water are taking up Steve’s fridge shelf space. Steve’s locksmith skills are currently under review.

About This Episode

If you’re in the market for one of 20 MacBooks, then you may want to DM John Cusack on Instagram. The offer may or may not be real. The actor has also recently shared his top 5 songs of all time, and it’s a predictably wide-ranging and eclectic mix. Is Steve the handyman he truly thinks he is? He’s certainly forgetful, as he seemed to have left his golf clubs in the car that was ruined by the hurricane and towed away for good. Southern Californians were definitely not prepared for snow. Speaking of snow, will Dag hit the slopes during a Mardi Gras themed ski day at Granite Peak?

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