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The Alligator Always Rings Twice

Dr. Keith gave Steve props for outdriving him on the golf course. Steve borrowed a convertible from the dealership for a joyride with Rosie. Dag experienced euphoria on the slopes. Tom Thayer dedicated much of his weekend to watching NFL Combine drills.

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Making his official 18-hole return to the golf course, Steve has a landmark outing, shooting 100 in a round with Dr. Keith Sklar and friends. A turkey sandwich and a Coke powered him through the back nine. Tom watched the 2023 NFL Combine over the weekend, but his heart wasn’t really in it. His 5-year old nephew is a burgeoning songwriter of startling sensitivity. Dag achieved a zen state while skiing Granite Peak on Friday. What do you do when there’s an alligator at your front door? Probably keep the door closed.

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