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Eggs Al Capone Style

The pool is currently getting plastered and it’s making Steve anxious. Margaret Dahl requested a visit to see Grandpa Steve. Giant flies are getting in the house. Janet believes a faulty screen is the culprit. An alligator ate a man diving for frisbees.

About This Episode

We are telling the modern world to kiss our grits today, as we celebrate some of the most beloved sitcoms that Steve couldn’t care less about. He’s been a little preoccupied by the pool resurfacing project that’s begun in his backyard. The rounding off of the pool’s square corners is a project for another time, though. Could a Bon Jovi retirement community really take off? Who brought funseeker Al Capone his breakfast in bed? What will the Depp and Beck collaboration sound like? Has Janet Dahl answered all the world’s problems?

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