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The Rainbow Connection

Charlie Dahl feigned a desire to go out to breakfast with Grandpa Steve, but confessed he’d rather watch Chico Bon Bon. A neighbor in a reflective vest suddenly emerged from the dark in front of the Dahl house. Steve visited Guitar Center in Villa Park.

About This Episode

Steve had a day of rambling, youthful adventures yesterday. Not only did he visit Guitar Center to try and find a keyboard that would help him with his songwriting (no such luck) but he also visited Rainbow Cone, which was a successful pickup. He’s become more peaceful now that he’s been watching Lawrence Welk, as well as The Game Show Network, even if the quality level sometimes terrible. An old man in a vest thinks Steve’s a neighborhood troublemaker. Brendan has a barroom visit from GI Joe, The Sausage King of Lake Zurich, but opts for the free samples instead of making a purchase

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