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Finding Reverse

Steve requests notes on a voice audition. Rosie bared her teeth at Janet, a major doggie no-no. The fritters at Pinchers in Fort Myers Beach were lacking any conch. They spotted dolphin on the sunset cruise. Steve struggled with minivan instrumentation.

About This Episode

Steve fires off an audition and is encouraged by Brendan and Dag to summon real life as he perfects his exaggerated “normal dad” approach. All fingers are crossed that he books it. The Dahl family outing last night was not without its drama, but Steve helped lighten the mood with some parking lot sight gag comedy as he tried to figure out the controls of the rented electric vehicle. Janet found the restaurant to be a little sandy and greasy, but the coconut shrimp were on point. She stops by to answer some questions and supply details on last night’s sunset cruise.

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