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The Fancy Eating Place

The family dined at the fancy eating place. The kids were very well-behaved. Steve ordered Wagyu beef. The Juhlins adopted a new puppy, Kip. Margaret purloined Gramps’ phone and reclaimed her lamb toy. Joe translates “Bamboleo” by Gipsy Kings for Steve.

About This Episode

Last night’s full family dinner at the "fancy restaurant" went well, but an overly rich steak has left Steve’s tummy a little topsy turvy. Everyone is preparing for a minivan ride to a sunset cruise later in the day, complete with matching t-shirts, even though Janet famously does not like boats. She also doesn't like grouchy shuttle bus drivers, for that matter. Brendan has found a new tortilla supplier, and there’s a new puppy in the Juhlin household. Steve is digging the fact that Emmett Dahl loves him some conch fritters too.

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