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Fisherman’s Nude Ranch

Steve rarely hits 7/11 and doesn’t seek Slurpees. Listener Jimmy from Libertyville is a helpful hardware man and dealt with a customer who cut an extension cord. A cup of Roast2Order and the daily Immaculate Grid baseball puzzle make for a nice morning.

About This Episode

It’s National Slurpee Day at at 7-11 stores, so stop in for one. See if they still have Brendan’s preferred banana flavor. The Home Run Derby is not being run to Steve's liking, and some clueless Jadens are paying the price in the outfield. We learn Brendan’s morning routine, now that he’s cut the cable and is looking for more cerebral, less infuriating (not to mention cost saving) experiences. A caller gives a tip for some possible covert trout fishing, which summons a memory for Steve. Another caller also phones in with a possible 'My Son Larry' theory.

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