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A Terrible Condition

Steve attended the wake for Leslie Keiling’s husband and ran into a few familiar faces from his radio days. Dag and Meredith hit a high-end tapas restaurant for dinner with cycling pals. Steve met Joe’s sister, who owns pet stores called The Urban Mutt.

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Steve had to pump out his eight rain barrels, after the area was once again pummeled by heavy rains. Dag was distraught, but ultimately bemused, by a pricy tapas dinner in the city last night. Steve received an odd but somewhat amusing email from a former listener. Joe Gaspar joins us today, and confirms that his sister recently met Steve. We play a new song from friends of the show, The Baseball Project. It’s called Disco Demolition, and guess what… today is the 44th anniversary of that notorious and largely misunderstood event. The song features one of Steve’s favorite rhymes ever.

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